POS Demo

Welcome to the POS Demo!

Only 3 quick steps to get the demo setup and POS ready to launch and try. Wow, that’s easy.

Step 1: Decide the account and POS type

The POS offers 2 types of accounts a Cashier and a Manager

Step 2: Assign the POS role type to the account

Go to POS Settings, click Users Tab. For the dropdown of Cashier or Manager role, select the account.

After you make the account selection in the drop down, click Save Changes

Tip: The drop down for the role on the demo server will be a random name, generated automatically. When you install the POS on your website, you would see the username you setup for the user account to select.

Step 3: Click Stations to Launch the POS

After you have assigned the username to the POS role of either Cashier or Manager. Now click the Stations option. On the Stations page, you will now see the button View POS

Click View POS, the POS station will launch and you can start the demo of the POS app view.

Tip: The Basic Free Version of the POS only allows a 1 Cashier and Manager account. If you upgrade to the POS Plus plan, you can allow multiple Cashiers and Managers operate the POS at the same time for faster order processing and account permission level access on stations.

Yay! No more steps

Click here to select the POS account type for the demo